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One of the major benefits of online or quick banking in the 21st century has been the provision of major codes through which customers access various banking services from the comfort of their homes. As a Zenith Bank esteemed customer, it is important to have the various dialing codes of Zenith Bank at the tip of the finger to ease transactions. To gain satisfaction from some of the financial institutions, a customer needs to know how to explore the available options provided for self-service at all times.

This article brings you information on all the current banking codes of Zenith and the complete guides to using USSD transfer codes as an existing or prospective Zenith bank customer.

Different types of Zenith bank codes and their Uses

There are numerous codes for zenith bank customers to carry out transactions with.  Such codes includes;

  • Zenith Code used to open account without visiting the bank; *966*0#

This code is can be used by prospective zenith bank customers who may not have the time to visit the bank but wants to own a zenith bank account.

  • Zenith Code used to check balance form an existing zenith bank account; *966*00#

Instead of visiting the ATM machine to check account balance, this mobile code is used to check the account balance.

  • Zenith Code used to transfer money from one zenith bank to the other and within zenith bank; *966#

Sending money to  friend, family and business associate is facilitated by this code. It makes such transactions easy.

  • Zenith Code for buying recharge cards direct from zenith bank; *966#

In the absence of a recharge card vendor, customers can always dial this code to buy airtime form zenith bank and take care of their emergencies.

  • Zenith Code for direct payment of utility bills; *966* 7* amount* customers ID #

This code enable customers to pay for services without having having to visit those outlets. Such bills include DSTV, Electricity. etc

  • Zenith account control code; *966*911#

This code is meant to help customers secure their accounts, stop a fraudulent transaction, and prevent further occurrence in the cases where the act has been done previously.

  • Zenith code for resetting mobile banking password or pin; *966*60

This is very important and recommended for all zenith bank users. If the pin of a customers mobile banking is known by unauthorized persons, this code enables the account owner to change to a new pin immediately to avoid being defrauded.

How to activate Ussd Zenith or EAZY banking code

On activation of Zenith Bank USSD code as explained earlier,  Zenith USSD code has to be used on a zenith bank recognized phone number to enable it work, else it will not be approved. The code activation procedures are;

  • Simply dial *966*00# with your AlertZ number.
  • Enter the last 4 digits of your Debit (ATM) card number.
  • Create and Confirm the 4 digit PIN. Ensure to use numbers conversant to you as pin to avoid reactivation due to loss of pin

After activating the USSD code, the first thing you should do is to try and check Zenith Bank account balance.  So if you are contemplating and the question asking how do I check my Zenith bank account balance? then check the steps below.

To check zenith bank balance, you need to dial the *966# Select check account balance option

Enter your 4 digit pin, an SMS stating details of your account balance will be sent to you.

or Dial *966*00# to check balance.

 Zenith Bank code for transfer of funds

Zenith bank transfer code simply refers to a set of numbers that a customer should dial on his or her cell phone to have access to the zenith bank self services such as checking of account balance, transfer of funds from one bank to another or Zenith to zenith transfer. To transfer funds, start by dialing *966# on your Zenith bank recognized phone number and wait for options to continue the process.

The USSD code approved by zenith bank for transfer of funds and other legitimate transaction by its customers is *966#.

Zenith Bank Account control code *966*911# and its Functions?

Zenith Bank account control code is a recent innovation and a major breakthrough in the Zenith bank world. Zenith Bank in its bid to control fraud related crimes and give maximum protection to its customers, has launched the account control code 966*911#.

The functions of Zenith control code are;

  • To protect the account from fraudsters
  • To Stop unauthorized transaction immediately
  • To report a case of suspected fraudulent attempt on customers account and pause all transactions from taking place

In the case of loss of ATM card, and phone, zenith control code serves as the only way to prevent the customer from being defrauded if they dial the code to report

Zenith Control Code Activation:

The account control code does not need activation as long as the customers has used the banking service before. All you have to do is just dial the code and follow the interaction prompts and channel your complaints.

This code is not restricted to numbers registered with the bank. You can dial it with any phone number to report the case by following the prompts and giving the appropriate responses.

Customers should know that the once they have used the zenith control code, they may not be able to carry out transactions especially debit, until the visit the bank for further inquiries.


To be a satisfied customer with Zenith bank, you need to have their transaction codes at the tip of the finger. This is because visit to the banks will not always be possible, but using the self service codes will ease the burden of physical presence at the banking hall for transaction purposes.

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