Prices of keke Napep in Dollar

Hike in the Price of KEKE Tricycle has been a major concern lately. The ban on commercial motorcycle in some states of the federation by State government has brought about the discovery of a safer, and more affordable means of transportation in recent times; the new found means of transportation is commonly referred to as KEKE Napep (TRICYCLE).

This article is to enlighten you on the best brands of tricycle, their current prices, and where you could get them if needed. This is meant to help investors determine the most durable KEKE when they want to venture into the business.

Best Brands of KEKE Napep and their prices

When talking about the brands, there has emerged over 6 brands of keke napep in Nigeria and with the emergence of many types, people who want to buy keke may be confused of which brand to go for that will last long enough, and also have availability of spare parts in the case of eventuality. Below is the list of tricycle brands that you can buy and depend on; Prices of KEKE Tricycle

1.SUZUKI Tricycle;

When trying to buy keke, consider Suzuki first. Suzuki has been tested and proven over the years to be one of the best brand of KEKE NAPEP(Tricycle) in Nigeria. Suzuki has durable bikes with a reduction in the consumption of fuel which enables the owners and users to make more money out of it. The spare parts are also readily available anytime.

2. BAJAJ Tricycle;

Bajaj has been the rated the best over time, it is the first brand of KEKE popularly used in Nigeria along with the TVS brand. This company has been in the business of producing keke napep Tricycle since 1950s and still producing and delivering high quality tricycles within Nigeria. It comes in beautiful colors which can be changed to the owners preferred color, government recommended color or maintained as the case may be.

Baja Tricycle has also been upgraded to electric model. This means that the BAJA Tricycle has both the manual and electric model for intended owners and users to choose which best suit them and their budget.

3. Piaggio Tricycle;

Many people do not understand the uniqueness of this brand. Piaggio has been proven as one of the best brands of keke so far. This brand economizes fuel and saves cost. Its spare parts are also available and affordable. Prices of KEKE Tricycle 

Features of keke NAPEP (Tricycle) that makes it Unique

Keke Napep can be rated as the means of transportation with numerous advantages. Little wonders why the citizens of many states where normal motorcycle was banned easily adjusted to and embraced it wholeheartedly.

  • It is Spacious. The recommended number of passengers can sit comfortably in it.
  • It has a mini carriage behind
  • Carries minimum of 3 people according the Road safety standards.
  • Has high diversion ability
  • Speed is moderate
  • Covers moderately long distant journey
  • It can carry goods
  • It is more affordable than Danfo in terms of transporting goods that are not extremely large in quantity.
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Traffic maneuverability; Keke NAPEP can move in the smallest space where there is serious traffic thereby avoiding the traffic

Current prices of keke NAPEP 2024

With the recent inflation and drastic increase in the price of things, the cost of keke Tricycle has increased and the current price of different product have been outlined below; Prices of KEKE Tricycle

The Cost of Brand-New Keke is as follows

The current price ranges between 1.8 million – 2.3 million in general- While the investors buy it at that range, the middlemen, that is the drivers get it between 2 million – 2.3 million Naira on higher purchase. Therefore, the current price for keke napep higher purchase is between 2 million – 2.3 million Naira.

Outright Purchase Price –  The price given below depicts what the amount an investor or an intending driver can purchase a brand new keke out rightly. This is a case of cash and carry, otherwise, the price may be hiked. See the price below.

 Brand            Amount in  Naira     Amount in  Dollar 

  • Bajaj –         1.8 million Naira            2,249.58 Dollar
  • Piaggio –     1.8 million Naira            2,249.58 Dollar
  • Daylong –    1.8 million Naira            2,249.58 Dollar
  • TVS – 950 –    1.8 million Naira           2,249.58 Dollar
  • SUZUKI          1.8 million Naira            2,249.58 Dollar

The price of brand new keke is bound to increase due to certain economic factors, and this also affects the prices of fairly used keke.

This is affected by the following factors;

  • Duration of usage
  • Physical look and body of the tricycle
  • Work ability- that is, How good it is.
  • Brand of the Keke

After the above-mentioned points have been considered, the KEKE can now be rated fit for transaction.

If the price of a Fairly used KEKE is as low as 500 – 800k currently, then, that must be factor of distress sale otherwise fairly used are also expensive. Prices of KEKE Tricycle

Higher purchase price

For the higher purchase price, this is the amount an intending driver is expected to pay the investor(Owner of Keke) within a stipulated period before taking full ownership of the tricycle. This is way higher than the outright purchase price.

  • Bajaj – 2 million – 2.3 million Naira
  • Piaggio –  2 million – 2.3 million Naira
  • Daylong –  2 million – 2.3 million Naira
  • TVS –  2 million – 2.3 million Naira

Maintenance Strategies for KEKE Napep Tricycle

Aside purchasing any of the best products stated above, the owner has a role to play to achieve durability of the product. If you want to maintain your tricycle, do the following and you will not have problems often

  • First, Drive carefully at all times, and be careful of other road users
  • Service the keke tricycle every two months, do not wait for a mishap before servicing
  • Always buy quality engine oil such as SEA HORSE 20W-50 which is the most recommended for use.
  • Wash and clean it thoroughly and regularly
  • In the case of any fault, go to the best mechanic. Avoid cheap mechanics who do not know what to do. How to identify the problem and fix them

Some Keke Dealers in Nigeria

Having known that Keke is a good transport business to venture into, as an investor, you have chances of cashing out on the current hike in price of goods and services in Nigeria. Here is a list of the most popular keke NAPEP dealers in Nigeria which you can reach out to for further inquiries and purchase;

Online Dealer;

Some of the e dealers on keke napep include Konga, Alibaba, Jumia, etc Some companies dealing on KEKE in Abuja and Lagos include

  1. Amaekom Global Limited. Abuja
  2. Keke company, Mushin Lagos
  3. Emel Automobile, Lagos
  4. Double Dove Nig Ltd. Ebute Metta, Lagos Mainland
  5. Crystal Castle Motor. Egbeda Alimosho, Lagos
  6. OAS Imperia Ltd. Abuja Central


In summary, KEKE Napep is one of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria both for the investors and the drivers. This is so because it produces huge daily income. Aside the risk attached to riding keke as a public transporter, the gains attached to keke business are more than the losses therefore the positive side of it should be a driving force to any investor and driver. Venture into Keke business today, and earn beyond your imagination.

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