How To Apply For Loan In Stanbic IBTC: Requirements, Procedures

How To Apply For Loan In Stanbic IBTC: Requirements, Procedures –  Stanbic IBTC Loans can be very helpful when you need extra funds for major expenses like buying a car, renovating your home, paying school fees, or expanding your business. Stanbic IBTC bank offers various loan products to individuals, sole proprietors, and businesses to meet diverse financial needs.

If you are considering taking a loan from Stanbic IBTC, this comprehensive guide provides all the key information you need to know. We cover the loan types offered, eligibility criteria, documentation required, application process and repayment terms. Read on to learn everything about getting a loan from Stanbic IBTC Bank.

 How To Apply For Loan In Stanbic IBTC: Requirements, Procedures

Types of Loans Offered by Stanbic IBTC

Stanbic IBTC provides both secured and unsecured loans tailored to suit different purposes and eligibility profiles.

Major loan products offered include:

  • Asset Finance – For acquiring assets like cars, trucks, equipment, machinery etc. It is a secured loan where the asset purchased serves as collateral.
  • Mortgage Loan – For purchasing or building a residential or commercial property. The property serves as security for the loan amount.
  • Personal Loan – An unsecured loan for meeting personal financial needs like paying medical bills, vacations, weddings etc.
  • Business Loan – For business capital like working capital, asset acquisition, expansion costs etc. Offered to sole proprietors, partnerships, and limited liability companies. Can be secured or unsecured.
  • Agricultural Loans – To meet farming capital and expenditure. Secured by agricultural assets like equipment, processed crops, farmland etc.
  • PayDay Loan – A quick short-term loan to salaried individuals repaid on payday. Unsecured.
  • Credit Cards –  this is used for everyday spending and cash withdrawals. 

Stanbic IBTC also offers tailored lending services like vehicle and asset refinancing, school fees financing, invoice discounting and more.

Key Eligibility Criteria For Stanbic IBTC Loans

To qualify for a loan from Stanbic IBTC, there are some basic criteria you need to meet:

  • Minimum age of 18 years for personal loans and 21 years for business loans
  • Nigerian citizen or resident with valid BVN and means of identification.
  • Have a satisfactory credit score and history without defaults.
  • Be employed or have a steady source of income to repay the loan. Self-employed persons need proof of income.
  • Provide acceptable collateral for secured loans.
  • Businesses should be duly registered with proper documentation.
  • Meet minimum account operating period and account balance requirements.

Specific eligibility terms may apply for each loan product like mortgage, asset finance, agricultural loans etc. The bank evaluates each application based on the loan type, purpose, repayment ability, creditworthiness and relationship with the bank.

Documentation Required For Stanbic IBTC Loans

When applying for any type of loan from Stanbic IBTC, you need to submit certain documents for processing and approval. Key documents required include:

Personal Loans

  • Duly filled loan application form
  • Passport photograph
  • Valid means of ID (national ID card, voters card, driver’s license or international passport)
  • Proof of residence (utility bills, lease agreement etc)
  • Current payslips (minimum of 3 months)
  • Bank statements (minimum of 6 months)
  • Tax clearance certificate (for self-employed)
  • Other documents may be requested based on loan purpose

Business Loans

  • Completed loan application form
  • Business registration documents like CAC forms
  • Business plan/feasibility study
  • Audited financial statements and projections
  • Bank statements (12 months)
  • Evidence of offered collateral like property title documents
  • Relevant permits and licenses
  • The ownership structure of the business
  • Tax clearance certificate

Note that the documents required may vary depending on individuals employment status, business structure, loan amount and purpose. The bank will let you know the specific requirements once you initiate the application process.

Stanbic IBTC Loan Application Process

If you meet the eligibility criteria and have the required documents, you can proceed to apply for a Stanbic IBTC loan by following the key steps outlined below:Stanbic IBTC Loan

  1. Visit any Stanbic IBTC branch near you or the loans department to pick up a loan application form or download it from their website.
  2. Fill out the form providing accurate personal/business details and the proposed loan amount needed. Attach the required documents.
  3. Submit the completed form and documents at the branch. The loan officer reviews to ensure all details and attachments are provided.
  4. The bank conducts credit checks, income verification, loan analysis and collateral valuation as applicable. This is done to determine loan affordability and risk.
  5. If satisfactory, the bank issues a letter of offer detailing the approved loan amount, interest rate, repayment schedule, collateral and other terms.
  6. Peruse the offer letter carefully and sign acceptance after understanding all aspects, especially the financial implications.
  7. Collateral documentation and legal processes are concluded as required for secured loans.
  8. Final credit approval may be subject to additional requirements indicated in the offer letter.
  9. Once approved, the loan amount is disbursed into your Stanbic IBTC account within 2-5 working days.
  10. Begin making repayments as scheduled in line with the offer terms. Ensure prompt payment to avoid extra charges.

The entire loan application procedure can take between 2-6 weeks from submission to approval and disbursement. This depends on the loan type, the complexity of the application and the bank’s due diligence process. Maintain close communication with your loan officer throughout the process.

Key Loan Repayment Terms

  • Repayment frequency can be monthly, quarterly, or annually depending on the loan product and amount borrowed.
  • Repayment periods range from 3 months to 25 years for long-term loans like mortgages. Short-term loans have repayment periods of 1-2 years.
  • The expected repayment structure is provided in the loan offer letter. This includes amounts, due dates, interest rates and fees.
  • Early repayment is allowed on most loans but may attract some charges.
  • For variable-rate loans, EMI amounts may change if interest rates fluctuate.
  • Defaulting repayment attracts penalties and can impact your credit rating and eligibility for future loans.
  • Secured loans allow loan recovery via liquidation of collateral assets in case of persistent default.

Carefully go through the repayment terms before accepting the loan offer to ensure you understand the schedule and can comply. Seek clarification from the bank on any unclear areas.


In summary, Stanbic IBTC Bank offers a line-up of loan solutions to suit diverse financial needs and profiles. By meeting their eligibility criteria, providing required documentation and following the step-by-step application procedure outlined above, you can access the funding you need conveniently. Be sure to carefully check loan terms especially interest rate, tenor and repayment schedule before accepting any offer. Responsibly paying your loans as scheduled will ensure you maintain a good credit standing to access more financing in future

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