Ways Make Money Online As A Teen

20 Ways to Make Money Online As A Teen – The Internet provides teenagers under 18 a wealth of opportunities to earn income outside of traditional jobs, given proper parental oversight and consent. Many online platforms welcome motivated teens as young as 13 or 14 to start profiting from their abilities and passions on a freelance basis. Without needing to commit to regular office jobs, enterprising teens can explore virtual gigs that tap into their special talents.

Whether they want to be writing for blogs, designing graphics, consulting on tech issues, or selling handmade crafts. The top online roles provide students not only supplemental income during school but also real-world business skills and greater autonomy over scheduling. By picking from the diverse digital gig economy based on their expertise, teens can gain flexibility and great pay.


Top 20 Online Jobs for Teens

1. Influencer Marketing

If you have a strong social media presence, you can earn compensation for promoting brands. Instagram influencers with just 1,000 engaged followers can charge $100 per promotional post. Nano-influencers are also increasingly being hired by companies.

Duties: Post sponsored content, reviews, and unboxing videos showcasing products. Attend brand events to create social content.

Requirements: A large, targeted follower base on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, or a blog. Engaging content.

2. Freelance Writing

Websites, companies, and content agencies hire writers to create articles, blog posts, product descriptions, social media captions, white papers, and more. No formal experience is needed.

Duties: writing, researching, and submitting assignments within parameters set by deadlines.

Requirements: strong writing skills, a strong work ethic, and good time management abilities.

Ways Make Money Online As A Teen

3. Graphic Design

Teenagers can design logos, header images, posters, brochures, and other digital graphics for clients on freelance platforms like Fiverr and 99Designs. Many teens excel at digital creativity tools.

Duties: communicating with clients to understand their needs; creating original designs that meet specifications.

Requirements: Proficiency with design software like Canva, creativity, and visual aesthetics sense.

4. Virtual Assistant

Admin tasks like customer service, data entry, research, email management, calendar maintenance and travel coordination can be done remotely for clients.

Duties: Providing ad-hoc remote admin support based on client requests in timely, professional manner.

Requirements: Strong written/verbal communication abilities, problem solving skills, high work ethic and tech savviness.Ways Make Money Online As A Teen

5. Closed Captioning

Companies like Rev hire online captioning contractors to transcribe audio and video content used by video platforms like YouTube. Teens proficient in typing can thrive.

Duties: Listening to audio recordings/podcasts and accurately transcribing content into written form.

Requirements: Fast, accurate typing skills – minimum 120 WPM recommended. Good grasp over English grammar and spelling.

6. Animating/Illustration

Create 2D/3D animations, cartoons, logo reveals, motion graphics and illustrated characters for video production companies and ad agencies. Useful skill for future media careers.

Duties: Conceptualizing and generating animated/illustrated assets according to project specifications within timelines.

Requirements: Animation and illustration software expertise. Strong sense of design, movement and expression to tell visual stories.

7. Voice Acting

Record voice samples and offer voice over services on sites like Fiverr for creating explainer videos, radio ads, cartoons, audiobooks and phone system recordings. Teens can leverage distinct vocal abilities.

Duties: Recording and editing a variety of customized audio clips for commercial use based on client directions.

Requirements: Clear recording quality, ability to provide diverse vocal expressions/accents and home studio setup.

8. Podcasting

Creates episodic audio programs and monetize them across platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. Highly creative outlet!

Duties: Establishing a central podcast concept/ niche, writing scripts, recording and editing episodes for entertaining listener base.

Requirements: Quick learning abilities for audio editing software Audacity/Garageband and outreach skills for gaining loyal audience.

9. Blog Monetization

Earn ad income, sponsorships, affiliate commissions and product sales referral fees by blogging around hobbies, experiences and interests if you have strong writing chops.

Duties: Creating written and visual blog content regularly around chosen niche, promoting posts and managing community.

Requirements: Consistent writing stamina, basic photography/editing skills and familiarity with SEO concepts to expand blog viewership.

10. Dropshipping

Selling products through an online store without overhead of running a warehouse. Leverage platforms like Shopify and Oberlo. Gain entrepreneur skills!

Duties: Identifying trending/profitable products for dropshipping online store, running marketing campaigns on platforms like Facebook and Instagram to generate sales.

Requirements: Understanding of ecommerce store management, digital marketing basics and product research abilities.

11. eBay Selling

Find items around your house or buy merchandise wholesale to sell on eBay at a marked up fixed price or via auction style listings for buyers across the world.

Duties: Creating eBay product listings with strong titles, descriptions and images, procuring inventory, shipping items sold and providing customer service.

Requirements: Strong research, marketing, inventory and shipping logistics management capabilities.

12. Etsy Seller

Offer handmade crafts, vintage goods, artworks, stickers, custom phone cases and other unique creations through your personalized Etsy shop to earn income as a teen entrepreneur.

Duties: Making DIY craft pieces and other artistic products on consistent basis, photographing items for visually appealing Etsy listings, promoting goods.

Requirements: Knack for channeling creativity into physical items, commitment to regularly replenishing shop inventory and providing customer service.

13. Music Distribution

Upload original song tracks to platforms like DistroKid or Amuse for distribution across major streaming platforms like Apple Music and Spotify. Earn streaming royalties globally from listeners.

Duties: Creating musical content and cover artwork, researching ideal music distribution services for individual scenario, submitting songs for review/approval before wider release across platforms.

Requirements: Passion for making music content, basic audio recording/editing abilities to prepare tracks for distribution.

14. Transcription

Convert audio and video files into text documents for individuals and companies who pay freelancers per file completed. Strong listening skills and fast typing abilities valued.

Duties: Listening closely to media files such as interviews or speeches and accurately transcribing into Word docs or other formats to facilitate searchability.

Requirements: Excellent grasp over typing nuances like punctuation and grammar usage for error-free transcripts. Comfort using word processing tools.

15. Tech Support

Help consumers troubleshoot computer, phone or software related issues remotely for companies that offer freelance tech assistance opportunities like NexRep and TechSolvers. Great customer service prep!

Duties: Diagnosing and clearly explaining solutions for user tech issues via written instructions, email, chat or phone support based on internal tech help resources provided.

Requirements: Above average tech savviness, calm demeanor and patience for deciphering problems to provide satisfying support.

16. Email Marketing

Manage email campaigns for clients to promote their products/services to subscriber lists for optimal open and click through rates which you can highlight in growth reports. Valuable digital skills!

Duties: Drafting compelling email content for campaigns, preparing HTML mailers, sending and scheduling timely broadcasts, tracking performance with analytics.

Requirements: Strong written communication abilities, creative ideation skills, and facility using email marketing tools like Mailchimp and Constant Contact.

17. Tutoring

Offer virtual tutoring over video chat in academic subjects, instruments and other skills you excel at. Sites like Wyzant connect specialized tutors with learners internationally for solid supplementary income.

Duties: Planning/conducting virtual tutoring lessons catered to individual student goals, administering progress assessments, providing support materials.

Requirements: Mastery over chosen tutoring subjects like math, languages, music etc to effectively educate others. Strong communication and patience working with teens.

18. Translation

Fluency in multiple languages? Provide document or video translation services between English and your native languages through sites like Gengo and Translated. Gain professional writing experience!

Duties: Accurately translating text transcripts, subs/captions between assigned languages while preserving context and emotional nuances. Ensuring top quality standards.

Requirements: Total fluency in English + other languages to convey proper meanings, tone and expressions. Mastery over respective grammar and syntax rules.

19. Mobile App Testing

Companies hire beta testers globally to use and assess prototypes of upcoming mobile apps for performance prior to public launch. Exciting way to shape future apps!

Duties Report bugs, glitches, crashes and user experience issues directly to app developers so improvements can be made pre-launch. Providing detailed, constructive feedback.

Requirements: Owning an Android/iOS smartphone, savviness using apps, strong written communication skills and high detail orientation.

20. Website Testing

Ensure client websites function properly before going live by systematically checking elements. Startup Edgeworth provides flexible website tester gigs for tech savvy teens.

Duties Check website elements like navigation menus, forms, links, pages, etc manually or using tools to identify issues with design, speed, and responsiveness for troubleshooting.

Requirements include a strong eye for detail in analyzing site components; the ability to methodically follow test plans; and comfort in deciphering tech terminology to report issues.

Tips for Teenagers to Earn Money Online

Beyond exploring online job roles that align with your abilities, implementing these success strategies will pay off in maximizing your earning potential.

  • Take advantage of the flexible scheduling that online gigs offer by dedicating focused blocks of time to work. Limit distractions from friends, TV, etc.
  • Boost your brand across platforms like LinkedIn to establish credibility that helps secure clients. Highlight successes and talent diversity.
  • Learn in-demand skills for lucrative digital roles through platforms like Udemy and Coursera. Invest in time to stand out.
  • Build specialized knowledge and vocabulary in your work niches to better convey expertise to prospects.
  • Deliver excellent work products and communication to all clients to get positive reviews that will win future work. Provide value!
  • Diversify income streams across multiple online jobs instead of relying solely on one to build income security.
  • Organize financial, tax, and client details to maintain professionalism as your boss.

By identifying well-suited online jobs for your abilities, mixing perseverance with smart goal-setting, and delivering consistent value, you can build an impressive income stream as a teenager on your own time.


In summary, The digital realm offers enterprising teenagers myriad ways to profit from their skills without traditional employment. By leveraging online platforms to welcome adolescents, students as young as 13 can freelance in creative roles like blogging, tutoring, designing, and more. While needing parental consent, self-driven teens can find autonomous gigs aligning their talents with decent pay and flexible scheduling. Beyond income, these virtual jobs provide transferable business abilities. With prudent goal-setting, responsible oversight, a quality work ethic, and wise financial planning, teenagers can build impressive revenue streams and real-world resumes through the internet’s abundant opportunities.

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