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Prices of keke Napep in Dollar

Prices of keke Napep in Dollar – Discover the current prices of Keke Napep in dollars. Get an overview of the market trends and find the best deals for your transportation business needs. Explore the available options below.

For an investor who would love to invest in keke napep higher purchase business, it may be really challenging to get the accurate price for this product to inform your decision of how many to buy at a time. But this is not a problem because we have got you covered. This piece is aimed at helping those residing within and outside the country, and are interested in investing in the transportation business.

Are you residing outside Nigeria and would want to purchase keke napep for your friends or family members as a means of empowerment or business? Then this write-up will serve you well. In this article, we bring you accurate information on the current price of KEKE NAPEP in dollars. We will also look at the various products (brands) available and their prices in the said currency. It will also help inform your decision on how many to budget for and the least amount you can give out your keke to a rider on higher purchase .

Prices of keke Napep in Dollar

Prices of keke Napep in Dollar

The prices of keke vary based on the brand. Some brands are more expensive than others hence the difference in price. Certain things inform the price of this product and some of such things include the durability of the product, physical looks and appearance,(fairly used, neatly used or badly used) availability and affordability of spare parts, model, location, dealer, and market forces. In fact, these are some of the core factors an investor should consider while conducting the feasibility study to invest in the purchase of keke napep for business. Below are the current prices of keke in us dollars;

Here, we provide you with information on the general prices of keke napep in the dollar. This price cuts across all the brands of the product. This means that if you have within or above the amount stated here, you can purchase the product.

Fairly Used

Neatly used keke are sometimes available for purchase, but before you proceed to buy this, check the following facts about the product and the owner. It is not safe to purchase any fairly used keke without having done thorough check on it, no matter how affordable it may seem to be. Some reasons why people see their keke include:

  • When rider misbehave or refuse to pay the owner, the keke can be siezed form him and put up for sale
  • Distress sale by the outright owner due to his sickness, or family member, or any other pressing need that is a threat to life.
  • Empowerment Scheme –  Some empowerment scheme beneficiaries who are not interested in transportation business may decide to sell it out to use the money to establis other businesses that interest them. Some also sell due to their randy behaviors and return to the previous status quo.

The price for the purchase of a fairly used keke ranges between $1,000 $1,266

For the purchase of brand-new keke, the price ranges between $1,600 $2,266 or $1,400 $1,550

Prices of Brand New Keke in Dollar

Here, we will capture all brands in specific terms with, and we will show you both the naira and dollar equivalence of the product.

Bajaj Tricycle US$1,400.00 US$1,600.00

1,050,000 – 1,200,000 Naira

Baniaa Tricycle US$2,329.00 US$2,499.00

1,746,750 – 1,874,250 Naira

Other Brands

  • Piaggio –  US$1,266 – US$ 1,600           In Naira            950 – 1.2 million Naira
  • Daylong –     US$ 1,333  – US$1,733      In Naira           1 million  -1.3 million Naira
  • TVS –             US$ 1,466  –  US$ 2,000    In Naira            1.1 Million – 1,5 million Naira
  • SUZUKI         US$1,266 – US$ 1,600           In Naira               950 -1.2 million Naira

Keke Higher Purchase Price In Dollar

Currently, This is the least price you can get or give out tricycle on higher purchase

Daylong Keke Napep costs between $2,666 and $3,066.

  • Bajaj –   $2,666 and $3,066.       In Naira    2 million – 2.3 million Naira
  • Piaggio –  $2,666 and $3,066.   In Naira     2 million – 2.3 million Naira
  • Daylong –  $2,666 and $3,066.  In Naira    2 million – 2.3 million Naira
  • TVS –   $2,666 and $3,066.         In Naira     2 million – 2.3 million Naira

Tips to buy Keke Napep without being Scammed.

For those residing outside the country and even within, purchasing and having your keke napep fixed successfully is one thing that must be guaranteed. But there is an important factor to consider such as purchasing the item and having it fixed up successfully without being defrauded or being given the wrong product, you need to do the following;

1. Have the contact of a legitimate dealer in your preferred location. It is important to do some research on their reputation, customer service, and prices before making a purchase. In this aspect, we will provide you with tips on how to get the exact product you ordered and also give information on some top keke brand dealers that you could contact for business anytime.


  • Stallion Auto Keke Ltd
  • Automotive Dealership
  • Oshodi Expressway, Ijesha Bus Stop, , Lagos, Nigeria
  • 0800 011 0110

For other products, you can find legitimate contacts based on your location in the following e-market spaces. Jumia,, alibaba etc or any of the companies listed below.

  1. Amaekom Global Limited. Abuja
  2. Keke company, Mushin Lagos
  3. Emel Automobile, Lagos
  4. Double Dove Nig Ltd. Ebute Metta, Lagos Mainland
  5. Crystal Castle Motor. Egbeda Alimosho, Lagos
  6. OAS Imperia Ltd. Abuja Central

2. Make your order explicit, avoid being cajoled by the dealer between choosing fairly used and, or brand new product. If you can afford a brand-new keke, go for it, otherwise, be specific whilst ordering. This will serve you the stress of having to come and verify whether the dealer gave you fairly used in place of brand-new.

3. Send or go with a trusted Fellow.

While going to purchase, go with someone you can trust or sent the person. Many investors do this business by proxy. So send a trusted fellow. it could be a property agent, a friend, relative or any other person you can entrust with such responsibility without doubt.

4. Get the paper work done, completely signed by statutory persons. In the case of purchasing a brand new keke let the product be unfolded and coupled before you proceed sign the documents.


In summary, the prices of Keke Napep in dollars vary depending on the location, model, and condition of the tricycle. It is important to do thorough research before making a purchase to ensure you are getting the best value for your money. By using the information provided, you can stay informed about the current market trends and find the right Keke brand that will fit your budget on investment. Whether you are a driver or an intending investor, knowing the prices of Keke Napep in dollars can help you make informed decisions on how to make your purchase with confidence.





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