Full List of New Telecom Short Codes and their Functions

Full List of New Telecom Short Codes and their Functions 2023 – Ten new sets of telecom short codes have been issued for unified use. This article is meant to guide users and help them get acquainted with the new development. We have taken time to explain the various codes and their functions. This will go further to educate customers of various networks on how to utilize the new set of codes.

Discover the comprehensive list of new telecom short codes and their corresponding functions, simplifying your communication experience. Say goodbye to the confusion of remembering different codes for various operations. From checking of balance to subscribing to services and accessing customer support, this detailed compilation provides a one-stop solution for all your telecom needs. Stay informed and empowered with this convenient reference, ensuring smooth interactions with your network provider. Unlock the full potential of these new short codes and simplify your telecom interactions like never before.

Full List of New Telecom Short Codes and their Functions

Full List of New Telecom Short Codes and their Functions 2023

What is the new dialing code for MTN, Airtel, Glo, And 9mobile If you are asking the above question, then we have got answers for you. We are not only here to answer the question but to also guide you on the right application of these codes to ease your day-to-day transaction with your network service provider. There are basically 13 new sets of codes issued for unified use, and they are mentioned below; Read on to see!!

(1)*300# — Call Center/ Help Desk;p>

(2)*301# — Voice Mail Deposit;

(3)*302# — Voice Mail Retrieval;

(4)*303# — Borrow Services;

(5)*305# — Stop Service;

(6)*310# — Check Balance;

(7)*311# — Credit Recharge;

(8)*312# — Data Plan;

(9)*321# — Share Services;

(10)*323# — Data Plan Balance;

(11)*996# — Verification of Subscribers Identity Module (SIM) Registration or NIN-SIM Linkage;

(12)*2442# — Do Not Disturb (DND) Unsolicited Messaging Complaint Management;

(13)*3232# – Porting Services ( Mobile Number Portability)


10 Most Important Short Codes You need to Know

Here, we are about to give brief explanations of the functions of various dialing codes. Here’s a list of the recently issued 10 most important dialing codes that you must not forget. We will take them according to their order of importance.

1. Credit or Airtime Recharge: The first and most important code is the recharge code. For first-time and even old users, the first code you should know and have at the tip of your finger is the recharge code*311#.  Except for direct recharge from your bank, airtime is recharged by dialing the code *311# on all networks. It is validated therefore proceed to dial the new code.

2. Check Balance: After the recharge, the second most important code is the balance inquiry code, *310#. To check your airtime balance, dial *310#irrespective of your network provider, it will respond with your airtime balance.


3. Data Plan:Data subscription has become a large part of our daily, weekly, or monthly itinerary because of the digital society. Therefore knowing how to buy data and check the balance is essential The Data plans are now accessed by dialing the code*312# Contrary to the previous codes, to check<strong> data balance, dial the code*323#.


5. Verification of Subscribers Identity Module (SIM): We could simplify this by saying ‘ How do I check my mobile number with my phone, or what code should I dial to view my mobile number? If you are asking this question with respect to the new code, Here’s the answer, *996# is the new code for checking your mobile phone number. This is very crucial especially to new users, to retrieve or verify your phone number, dial *996#. 

This code serves a dual function. You will also use the same code in matters of NIN linking and verification. To link your National Identification Number (NIN) to your mobile number, dial *996#.

6. Call Centre/ Help Desk: To reach out to a customer care representative or laying a direct complaint to your network provider, Dial *300#

7. Share Services: This service was popularly known as share and sale by some network providers. However, it is unified to share services. When you have excess airtime or data and would love to share with friends, family, and loved ones, dial the new code *321# and follow the directive to share your gift with anyone. Even if it is for sale, dial *321#

8. Do Not Disturb (DND) Unsolicited Messaging Complaint Management: This is one code that all subscribers should dial without hesitation. To stop all unwarranted messages from unknown sources from entering your number, dial *2442#

9. Voice Mail Deposit: To send a voice message, dial the new voice mail number *301#, to retrieve voice mail, dial *302#


10. Stop Services: To lock up all services be it subscription, activation or auto-renewal of any kind, dial *305# to put a stop to it.p>


In summary, with a comprehensive compilation of the current codes according to their order of importance, all users can effortlessly perform various operations, from checking balances to accessing customer support, using a single, convenient code for all networks.


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