How Much is Bajaj Tricycle

How Much is Bajaj Tricycle – Bajaj Tricycle Price in Dollar – Bajaj tricycle has been rated high because of its speed. it tends to run faster than other brands of the product and has also been recommended for its agility in conveying of goods by marketers. Bajaj tricycle is spacious and has the ability to carry weighty commodities, therefore, investing in it would be profitable. This write-up is set to bring you information on the current price of the bajaj tricycle in dollars as well as its Naira equivalence.

How Much is Bajaj Tricycle

Brief description of Bajaj Tricycle Origin

The Bajaj Tricycle is an Indian brand of three-wheeled commercial vehicle. It is designed for carrying heavy loads and for short distances. The Bajaj tricycle has been in existence for several decades and it has seen a lot of changes in its design over the years. It is one of the most popular forms of transportation in India and other countries in Asia.

The brand (Bajaj) has been around since the 1940s and it was first manufactured by the company known as Bajaj Auto Limited. This company is based in Pune, India and it has been producing motorcycles, mopeds, scooters, bicycles as well as tricycles since its founding by Jamnalal Bajaj back in 1942. The company was originally founded under the name “Bakhtawar” which means “a mine of wealth” but because of change in ownership, it became known as “Bakhtawar Motorcycle Manufacturing Company Limited” after the death of its inventor “Jamnalal” before finally being renamed “Bajaj Auto Limited” in 1984 after acquiring some other companies such as Universal Motors Ltd., Premier Automobiles Ltd., Atlas

This brand has been around for more than a century. It is one of the most trusted brands around the world because of the manufacturing country (India). India has produced couple of durable tricycles for nearly 50 years, and has gained the trust of both suppliers and major investors in the business. The company has a wide range of products, from scooters to mopeds to motorcycles. Bajaj Tricycle Price in Dollar

Bajaj Tricycle Price in Dollar

This part will highlight both the fairly or neatly used prices of bajaj tricycle as the case may be, as well as the price for brand new keke in naira and dollar equivalence.

Fairly Used ₦700, 000 – ₦850, 000

Brand new Bajaj –   $2,666 and $3,066.       In Naira    2 million – 2.3 million Naira

Bajaj Tricycle US$1,400.00 US$1,600.00

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Keke Spare Parts

This aspect highlights the general spare parts of keke napep (bajaj, tvs, Piaggio). This parts and their placement may vary on the product brand, but are likely to be foundin ll keke napep. This is for the benefit of those who are not very much acquainted with the parts for the product so. If you are asking why it is good for an investor to have the names of all keke parts at the tip of their finger, then here’s the answer.

Any transport business investor who has not understudied the various spare parts of the products he wants to buy will end up paying money for the purchase or repairs of non existing spare parts. This simply means that your driver can dupe you of money for his selfish interest because you do not know the complete spare parts that make up the tricycle. To be on the safe side, here’s a list of some spare parts available in tricycles.

  1. Engine parts: This include parts such as pistons, cylinder heads, valves, gaskets, oil filters, air filters, fuel filters, etc.
  2. Suspension parts: This include parts such as shock absorbers, springs, and struts.
  3. Electrical parts: This include parts such as batteries, alternators, starters, and wiring harnesses.
  4. Brake system parts: This include parts such as brake pads, brake shoes, brake drums, and brake calipers.
  5. Transmission parts: This include parts such as gears, clutches, and drive belts.
  6. Body parts: This include parts such as mirrors, seats, fenders, and lights.

Based on how this product is designed, it carries heavy load but not very suitable for long distance journeys. This makes it very good for public transportation business especially within the urban areas.

Top 3 Best Engine Oils for Tricycle

For the purpose of servicing this machine keeping it in good shape, certain maintenance habits should be avoided, which is largely the use of any engine to service it.

1. Hi-Perf 4T Special 20W50 (Total Oil)

2. Hi-Perf 2T Special (Total Oil)

3. For TVS kings SAE 20W40 4T oil

Return on investment.

Here’s what an investor in this product stand to get on daily basis. Currently, a driver is expected to remit between 5-7k on daily basis to the investor as a daily return or what could be termed as “Carry go work” or “pay as you go“. Carry go work simply describes a situation where the tricycle is only offered to the person for daily business use after which the tricycle would be returned to the owner with a stipulated pay.

Higher purchase: In the case of higher purchase, payment are often made on a daily, weekly or monthly basis based the legal agreement. The expected remittance amount and the payment duration determines how much would be paid. Payment for higher purchase range from 20-30k  with the dollars equivalence of 25.00 USD per week, However, this may also vary depending on location.


In summary, Bajaj is a highly commercial tricycle, it can serve both transportation and haulage purpose as much as possible. It has the capacity to withstand the pressure from heavy load and bad road simultaneously. Investors should endeavor to know the tricycle spare parts and where they could be purchased. The price for this product varies based depending on the individual supplier or companies however, it is still affordable and the business is profitable.

Finally, owners and users of tricycle should endeavor to use the recommended oil to service their engines and lubricating parts to promote durability of the tricycle.

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