Profitable Business Ideas for Women

Top 15 Profitable Business Ideas for Women. With the rate at which personal needs increase by the day, many women have doubled their efforts to increase their earnings while others are yet to decide on which business to engage in to produce the desired result. Here’s why we have put together the various profitable business models for women and ladies in 2023. We have outlines based on offline and online businesses that will help yet-to-become women achieve their dreams of financial independence.


A business is an economic activity carried out by an individual to meet needs and make a profit.  It could be done online or offline. Offline Business refers to businesses that are carried out without the use of smart devices like computers, phones, and Ipad, etc. This does not mean that those devices may not be used to promote the business. It has to do with more of a physical contact with the client than a virtual contact.

The online business on the other hand includes services rendered remotely through the use of smart devices such businesses may include copywriting, virtual assistant, blogging, Freelancing, E-commerce, Education and E learning coach, etc. These businesses excel irrespective of geographical location.

Profitable Business Ideas for Women

The Top 15 Profitable Business Ideas for Women in 2023 Are:

These businesses are applicable to both tech savvy and non tech savvy ladies /women. they include:


1 Catering Service

Starting a catering service business is a profitable business ideas for women, it may also include production of pastries for supply. Most chefs are women and women tend to do well in this business model. It could be an outdoor or indoor catering services, health food kitchen or Personal Chef. A personal chef meet the healthy food needs of an extremely busy person, as they offer satisfactory services.

2. Makeup Business

With recent evolutions in the beauty industry, Make up artistry is not just a business, but a creative business model with an impressive turnout. Highly creative women do perfectly well in this business model with a good daily turnout, they excel massively. Make up artistry has now been incorporated into various sectors like modelling, Arts, Photography and acting. Fashion freak ladies are potential good make up artists because they can exchange their creativity for profit. Profitable Business Ideas for Women

4. Fashion Design or Boutique Business

This is another evolving industry. Imagine becoming an exceptional fashion designer with a personal boutique where one displays their signature products, it is such an awesome feeling you sell what you sew to make huge profit. Fashion business is profitable for ladies and women of all ages.  Many high ranking fashion designers have created admirable designs that has topped the chats.

5. Hair Sales and Styling Business

Hairdressing and styling is an evergreen small-scale business opportunity while the importation and sales of hairs products such as weave-on, add-ons, wigs is a magical business with huge daily turnout. People always strive to keep their hair in the best shape possible, making hairdressing services in high demand.

6. Frozen Foods Business

This is a food processing business profitable for women. Frozen foods business is a lucrative venture in the recent time as people tilt more towards natural and foods and ingredients Frozen foods, such as fish, meat, chicken, turkey, and vegetables, are in high demand in season and out of season.

7. Farming

Farming can never become an obsolete business model because it is the major source of day to day food, raw materials for production etc. In fact, farming has evolved with time and many people tend to show more interest in both subsistent and commercials farming more than before. Women can grow all manner of produce such as ,Snail Farming. fish, vegetable farming etc.

8. Decoration

Decoration may be interior or outdoor. This is one of the most profitable business models for women in recent times. Interior decoration has to do with the beautification of residence either private or public while the outdoor has to do with outdoor events. Women with an interest in interior design can start their own interior decorating business and help clients decorate their homes and offices, occasion venues, religious buildings etc. This is the new way to go for creative and optimistic ladies in recent times.

9.) Home Cleaning Services

With fast pace of daily activities and shortness of time, more and more people are in need of outsourced cleaning services to meet their needs. Women who are skilled in cleaning can start their personal home cleaning business and provide services such as housekeeping, laundry, and ironing. People tend to see women in the cleaning business as the most hard working set of people maybe because of the laborious nature of the work.

10.) Daycare

Having a daycare center is one of most profitable businesses for women in recent time. Women are natural caregivers, it is easier to trust a woman with a toddler than to trust a man. There definitely is a market gap in providing care for toddlers before school age. Women who have a passion for working with children can start their own daycare and provide care for children while their parents are at work.

11. Event Planning

For women who have a passion for planning and organizing; they can start their own event planning business and help plan other people’s events such as weddings, parties, and corporate events. This is a large business model because it requires careful strategy to meet the customers demands satisfactorily. Women have the patience to follow clients every step of the way until their goal is successfully achieved. If you are good at this, then try it out.

Tech Business Ideas That are Profitable for Women 

This aspects mentions tech or online related skills that have become profitable businesses for women. These skills are suitable young and mid ages women, they are:

12. Copywriting

Copy writing is the business of generating captivating and highly persuasive marketing contents for businesses or brands. Excellent copywriters make huge money meeting daily needs of clients. Women in this field earn good money from this business in dollar, euros, pounds, etc. This is flexible skill that could be learnt and easily put to use.

13. Freelancing

Freelancing is the business of satisfying the clients need in any area of expertise without being present at the physical office. Freelancing can be one of the most lucrative small businesses in the world when done right. Plus, it adapts to your expertise: graphic design, writing, social media.

14. Education and E-learning Coach

With the increasing demand for lifelong learning and online education, investing in companies that provide educational technology, online learning platforms, or vocational training can be a strategic choice. Teaching how to speak foreign languages of their choice can earn you some good bucks, multilingual women would certainly excel in this field, are you one of the polyglots? if yes, then try this out.

15. Blogging/Ecommerce

Blogging could be a long or medium term business, and it is more than profitable for women who are consistent in their business. This business model entails provision of useful information to the public and getting paid in return. Women who are skilled in online marketing and e-commerce can start their own online store and sell a wide range of products for companies while they get paid for marketing the products.


In summary, the business models mentioned above are first of all acquired as skills before being put to use. Therefore, women should learn these most lucrative skills and turn them into multi million businesses. This will help them be their own boss.

Study the business models to know where your passion lies, the success is most likely to be driven by the individuals passion and commitment to the business

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